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    Caricatures by V.G. Myers~Additional Magazine Cartoons
"Why thank you.  You've got a pretty nice rack yourself!"
Playboy 2007 used with permission
"Ready or not, here I come!"
c Playboy used with permission
cPlayboy mar 2011 used with permission
c Playboy Oct.2010 used with permission

Here's a caricature turned into a piece of candy!
The Bubblegum Dog Cartoon above has been a very popular t-shirt  design as has the  Woman Shooting the Scale from the Previous page.   Both designs are still available on various  products at under my Lafftime store there.  Other designs are also available on mugs, shirts, sweats, nightshirts and canvas totes.  
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cPlayboy2006used with permission
".and remember, what happens on the trail, stays on the trail!"

This cartoon ran while 'Brokeback Mountain " was in theaters.
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