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Here are some examples of our latest work done at on-site parties or special events.  We hire out at an hourly rate, with
the minimum usually at 2 hours, but single hours can be booked as well.  Remember us for seasonal holiday and office parties as well as summer picnics and corporate trade shows.       We make a splash no matter what season, so give us a call!
Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.

                  Or for                
           more information                   
   call us at:  973-429-8131

         Or send inquiries to :
A personalized caricature always makes a great gift for friend or relative no matter what the occasion.  And any party is always enhanced when you entertain your guests with an on-site caricaturist. Plus your guests get a great gift to take home with them.
         All  ages  line up to  have  themselves caricatured
      in their favorite activity.