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Caricatures by V.G.Myers/Humorous Illustration

Cartoon below c Playboy, used with permission. March 2007

This is the first page of a St. Patrick's Day card.
This cartoon originally ran in Good Housekeeping magazine and has been licensed since, onto  t-shirts, coffee mugs, and a few other items..
This is an example of a large painting, done in a stylized graphic/realism mode.

All artwork on this website copyright V,G,Myers unless noted otherwise and may not be reproduced in any manner without express written permission.
"What do you mean 'not tonight'?  We've been cuddling for six months!"
"You're Standing too close!"
Cartoon below c Playboy Nov.2011 used with permission
St. Patrick's Day card illustration.
This page and the next you will find examples of my magazine gag cartoons, mostly from Playboy.  There are also a few samples of cartoon illustration for greeting cards as well as the graphic painting on this page.
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